Order of Service

The Ceremony can be divided into the following sections and can appear in any order. Some can be added or removed to suit your tastes. Some parts are essential and are marked with an asterisk (*). Otherwise this list is just a suggestion. Please use it as a guide to give you an idea of how the ceremony can be built.

This is your ceremony and it should be reflective of the two of you, so please feel free to make any changes as you wish.

  • Pre-Ceremonial Music
  • Request to silence mobile phones and pagers
  • Entrance Music
  • Entrance
  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Acknowledgement of Aboriginal Custodians of the land
  • Acknowledgement of absent or deceased family members and friends
  • Reason for ceremony
  • Brief history and highlights of your life together
  • Extracts/ passages/ poems/ songs
  • Statement of consent to marry/hopes for the future
  • Interactive symbols e.g. Blessing of the wedding rings; lighting of family candles; combining of water wine sand or tea; exchange of roses; giving away to family members or friends.
  • Rite of marriage and legal information (*)
  • Vows (*)
  • Exchange of rings/ gifts
  • Signing of register and certificate (*)
  • Declaration
  • Presentation to guests
  • Music
  • Photos